Do you receive technical guests from China in your company? Look for professional interpretation services at DelSh!
Simultaneous professional interpretation from Chinese to English required for a conference? Think of us!
Are you in need of professional simultaneous Interpretation services for an upcoming business function with Chinese counterparts? You need professional interpretation services in Chinese!
DelSh provides top quality professional interpretation services in Delhi and all over India. We have a team of experienced interpreters and experts in the specific field required for providing interpretation services. With DelSh’s simultaneous interpretation, you can always expect the very best for your business. Take our interpreters as your employees; they will communicate with the Chinese side on your behalf.
Both simultaneous and consecutive professional interpretation services are offered for:

  •  Conferences
  •  Seminars
  •  Meetings for negotiations
  •  Corporate visits
  •  Technical visits
  •  Tourists
  •  Market research meetings
  •  Audit meetings

Our professional interpreters based in India include native Chinese and other professionals with an excellent command over the English language working in the interpretation domain for long years. The quality of our interpretation services is therefore best in India.

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