What is Passport Translation? Why Is It Necessary?

A passport is issued by a national government. It is a legal document that certifies the passport holder’s identity and country of citizenship.

The passport is generally regarded as an international travel document. However, simply having a passport doesn’t necessarily equate to unlimited time in another country. People who wish to stay in a country for an extended period of time or who want to study or work abroad must often obtain a visa, which usually gets added to the passport book.


Passport Translation in Delhi at Delsh Business Consultancy

If you are applying for overseas citizenship, or you have to utilize it as an ID record, or as a component of your visa application, or be it for lasting living arrangement, the majority of the nations requests international ID duplicates that are meant the local language of the spot. Since identification is such a significant archive it is very fundamental that the international ID interpretation is exceedingly precise and of good quality. Decipher Day has been giving guaranteed visa interpretation administrations since its commencement and we are glad for the positive criticisms that we have gotten from our customers. Our visa interpretation administrations are totally dependably as we have exceedingly experienced proficient interpreters who can get your international ID deciphered from practically any language to English or some other dialects in straightforward technique.

If you have visited different countries, There may also be more than one language involved if you have traveled to different countries with the same passport. If this is the case, we recommend coming into our office so we can help you take care of this process with ease and make sure that your passport translation is accepted.

The translation process is quick and clean without any unnecessary procedures and delay, and any translation, be it your birth certificate or your passport translation or any other, it takes just 24 hours for the translation of 2 pages of content. Each of our translations is accepted & approved, state, federal, and local governments.

In Which Most Languages Are Passports Issued?

Here are some of the languages that passports are issued in around the world:


  • United States: After the 1920 League of Nations meeting, US passports were issued in English and French. Spanish was added to US passports in the late 1990s in recognition of Spanish-speaking US commonwealth Puerto Rico.
  • New Zealand: Passports from New Zealand are issued in English and Maori.
  • European Union: Each member state of the European Union has a passport that includes every official language of the EU.
  • Pakistan: Pakistani passports are issued in Arabic, English, French and Urdu.
  • Belgium: Belgian passports include the three official languages of Belgium — Dutch, French and German — but citizens can choose which language is listed first on their passports.

Passport translations can be especially useful when you are traveling abroad — keep this in mind when planning your next trip.

Make sure your passport translation is accurate and valid by contacting Delsh Business Consultancy.

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