Translation Technology in the World

A globally connected translation and localization company with head office in India and branch offices in Shanghai & Canada offering translation, transcription, interpretation, subtitling, captioning, dubbing, voice-over, mobile app localization, website localization, and other customized language-related services.

DBC is one of the top companies providing language services in the industry with its pool of more than 10000 translators/interpreters/ transcribers across the globe. The main objective our company is to make International Business simple and safe.

Technology helps our lives become better. Virtually people associated with the language industry know this very well and completely understand how technology is helping them in delivering high-quality translations in numerous languages, in no time. Translation Technology is meant to make translators’ workload lighter, more efficient and faster and bring about many benefits. The translation is Important Because People Prefer Their Native Language.

What is the importance of translation?

Translation enables effective communication between people around the world. It is a courier for the transmission of knowledge, a protector of cultural heritage, and essential to the development of a global economy. Highly skilled translators are key. Translation Studies helps practitioners develop those skills.

With the advancing world and umpteen translation technology options to choose from, the language industry professionals are often confused about what technology products to use. The present technology that actually has brought the community by storm is needless to say neural machine translation. It has really taken the whole community just one year to adopt it, largely due to great performance increase over statistical translation.

There are certainly other tools as well that makes life easier for translators, project managers as well as clients. Modern translation agencies use the following modern-day technology to make their life easier:

– CAT tools (computer-assisted translation)
– Machine Translation (MT)
– CMS (Content Management System)
– TMS (Translation Management System)

New technology and services are developing each day and their advantages are odd. This technology additionally dispenses with the issue of separation, helping in snappy and compelling correspondence over expansive separations. With PC based venture the executives’ frameworks, interpretation organizations can naturally monitor progressing interpretations, time the board frameworks, and interpretation databases; sparing themselves a great deal of time and spending plan.

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