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Transcription involves listening to audio and converting it into a text format. However, this definition is oversimplified and might indicate that anyone who knows a particular language can transcribe in that language! Transcription, however, is a professional’s job and only a professional who has a stronghold on the language along with solid domain expertise can do this job with good quality.

  • ISO 9001-2008, Certified company
  • End-to-end translation + design/DTP support
  • 120+ languages supported
  • Support in multiple fonts
  • Support for files in MS Office, Corel draw, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop formats
  • 24/7 online, email and phone support

Affordable Transcription Services Company in India

Transcription is the systematic representation of language in written form. It is the technique of listening to an audio or video and recording it in a text format. We accept audio as well as video data for transcription. Delsh Business Consultancy (DBC) also provides a one-stop solution for overseas Companies or businesses to comfortably and adequately find partners connect and do business in India and China. “Delsh Business Consultancy (DBC)” gives a trustworthy and comprehensive view on India and China market and supplements those with unique predictive analytics, competitive insights, trade intelligence, business tools, expert resources and local presence in India to provide a complete solution for organizations based in China as well in other countries to work together in India. The main objective our company is to make International Business simple and safe.
We believe in high-quality error-free transcription and have a team of transcribers in different languages. Our transcribers are professional with over 8 years’ experience in their respective domains. Our high-quality audio headphones ensure that the audio is heard by the transcriber in a crystal clear tone and the chances of error are minimized.

  • The audio is transcribed by our expert
  • The created text file is re-read to ensure flow as per the source
  • The text file and the audio are then rechecked by another expert to ensure quality transcription.

Transcription Domains
We offer multi-language transcription services in almost all domains. The most common ones are: – Business – Legal – Medical – Media – Insurance – Education

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