Top 10 Happiest Languages Around the World

Top 10 Happiest Languages Around the World

Top 10 Happiest Languages Around the World

Top 10 Happiest Languages Around the World

A skilled team of researchers from the University of Vermont decided to find the happiest languages in the world. They studied different languages and let us see how they found the most content language.

How did it Work

The team of researchers formed a database of millions of words, using various sources such as subtitles, google books, lyrics, shows, newspapers, and many others. Chinese, English, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Arabic were the languages that were considered for this study. The researchers also set up an interactive base to analyze and study the texts of the greatest novels of different languages and learn more about the distribution of positive and negative words.

The basis of this study was mainly focused on the connotation of words. The database created by the team included thousands of the most commonly spoken words of each language, and they were marked positive or negative based on their meaning. People were asked to rate the sound of a particular word from 1-9.

What did it Reveal

The findings of this study were shown by 5 million people’s scores, which revealed that Spanish, Portuguese and English are happier than the rest of the languages. Chinese was the language that came out as the least happy language of all.

This study was based on the Pollyanna hypothesis. The Pollyanna hypothesis says speakers give positive or negative connotations to the words. The study thus confirmed this hypothesis. Websites and books were also the sources that were studied during this study.

The top ten languages can be ranked as follows:

1. Spanish
2. Portuguese
3. English
4. Indonesian
5. French
6. German
7. Arabic
8. Russian
9. Korean
10. Chinese

If you are confused about which language course to take – English, Chinese or Portuguese, this study might help you decide the best one.

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