Ten Most Translated Languages in India

Ten Most Translated Languages in India

Translation plays a crucial role when it comes to spreading information. Translation is something indispensable, it breaks down barriers and borders. With the rapid inflow of MNCs into the country due to the globalization of the Indian economy and the increasing need for translation in various sectors, translation is an asset for the business world. There are the following translated languages in India for business aspects are as Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Korean. Choosing the right languages for translation depends, of course, on the business opportunities you’re looking for.

Chinese Language: Chinese is the most widely used language in the world with almost 1.4 billion people users. There are several different languages, dialects, and varieties spoken in the Chinese language. Simplified Chinese is considered as an official written language in China, while Mandarin is the spoken dialect. So, for all the written content or text, there is a need to translate into Simplified Chinese language. Although, when there is a need for an interpreter or oral communicator, one should be looking for a Mandarin specialist. More than 150 Chinese companies are doing business in India; China’s global economic rise meets India’s massive market as a favorite destination for Chinese goods and services.

Spanish Language: Spanish is considered as one of the popular languages for translation, translating into Spanish gives you the chance to reach over 500 million people, in countries from Europe and Latin America. The majority of Latin American countries speak Spanish as their native language; the Indian economy maintains close ties with the USA economy in many market areas. There are more than 150 Spanish companies which have subsidiaries, joint ventures, projects, or liaison offices and purchase offices in India.

Japanese Language: Japanese Language is the most popular choice among East Indian Languages. It is also considered as one of the most widely used languages on the Internet. There is a huge demand for Indian engineers in Japan, as they have technical knowledge along with language proficiency. With the Indo-Japan joint declaration, the need for pharmaceutical, automobile, computer hardware, and allied Engineering fields has also been raised in India with Japanese language understanding for translation.

German Language: It is the native language of more than 100 million people in Europe and is spoken as a foreign language by over 75 million people worldwide. The demand for German language translation in India has a lot of scope to grow and flourish in. With a reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and intelligence, many German companies dominate their respective industries in India.

French Language: French is one of the most popular languages used for translation, most of the MNC in India are from Europe, and the majority of them have their origin traceable to France. French Language Translation enables us to overcome the language barrier in most places of the world, particularly in Europe and in Africa, where the language reign s supremacy.

Italian Language: Italian translation has immense scope as many Italian companies like Gucci, Lloyd, Ferrari, Benetton, etc have set up their business in India. The demand for Italian translation wherein culture and language meet, is rising among the businesses for achieving their target markets.

Russian Language: Russia has been identified as one of the four major world powers whose influence is growing fast. Russian is one of the popular languages of scientific and technical literature; the demand for the services of Russian linguistic has accelerated at an unprecedented spurt in India.

Arabic Language: It is the official language of many Middle Eastern countries where business opportunities are growing tremendously, and the scope of the Arabic language in India is growing and vast.

Portuguese Language: Portuguese is also gaining popularity in Asia due to the region’s great diplomatic and economic relations with Portugal and the Lusophone countries.

Korean Language: With an estimated 80 million users worldwide, the Korean language is one of the supreme language with many strategic and economic benefits. In an increasingly multipolar and multicultural world, the growing importance of Korean Language catering to using the 21st century offers exciting translation scope in India.

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