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We transform global communications for our clients. Delsh Business Consultancy provides professional Simplified Chinese translation services for all sources and formats and includes documents, websites, interpretations and subtitling. We provide fast and professional language translations for all major industries, including Medical, Legal, Financial, Software, Manufacturing, Retail, Entertainment, Travel, and Government.

Chinese Translation & Localization Services 24/7

24/7 Translation and Localization Services to meet our customers urgent project requirements in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Mandarin. Fully automated, and online translation solutions deliver the best in class language services so international companies can get ahead fast in China’s rapidly growing market. Translate from Chinese to English, English to Chinese and up to 108 other pairing languages. We localize your content in order to adapt to the local market and media scope.

We support PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, In Design, Frame Maker, and many other document formats. In addition to content translation, our experienced multilingual publishing team also helps you format translated files so the localized documents look professional in China’s business circles. Our DTP specialists are experts with typesetting in Chinese characters using a variety of fonts such as Heiti, Songti and other popular China typefaces.


We translate the following types of documents:

  1. School certificates
  2. Achievement certificates
  3. Employment certificates
  4. Business certificates
  5. Employment contracts
  6. Employment guidelines
  7. Employment reports
  8. Emails
  9. Letters of requirement
  10. Legal letters
  11. Driver licenses
  12. Operational licenses


Chinese Translation Services for Legal Content

Do you need cross-board contracts, tax documents, patents, and license agreements translated into Chinese? The industry leader in Chinese translation services for all types of legal content. We hire the best, native, and professional bilingual translators with specialized trainings in international law to translate all of your legal documents with quality and speed. Simply upload your files to Stepes to obtain an instant translation quote. Upon your approval, our pre-approved legal translators will immediately translate your documents for the fastest turnaround in the industry.


Best Chinese Localization Service in Delhi

Get high quality translations & localization services with fast turnaround time. Delsh Business Consultancy has hired a team of experienced web developers and native Chinese linguists to provide top quality Chinese website translation. Our linguists are experienced in all styles and industries of translation, and our engineers are also experienced in supporting all formats of the website. We support the formats of HTML, HTML5 or PSP. We localize the translation so that it is meeting the needs of the local markets and customers.


Chinese Interpretation Services

Delsh Business Consultancy has a strong team of professional and experienced native Chinese linguists who provide professional Chinese interpretation. They interpret from Chinese to English, English to Chinese or any language pair of your choice. Our interpreters are experienced in all occasions and expectations of speaking, as we are proud to represent all industries.

  1. Social network websites
  2. Chat rooms
  3. Legal websites
  4. Government websites
  5. Service websites

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