Latest Trends in Translation and Localization Industry in 2022

Translation & Localization Trends In 2022!

Translation & Localization Trends In 2022!

Translation & Localization Trends In 2022!

In this rapidly changing world, the recent couple of years have been challenging for multiple industries. Every sector has gone through the impacts of the pandemic, some have suffered, and others have thrived and progressed. Like others, the translation and localization industry has also emerged differently through these years.

The translation industry is expected to overgrow in 2022. The global translation services industry is estimated to reach $55 million.

Evolution of Technology Globally
There are many excellent opportunities in the growing economies; a reliable translation agency plays an important role here. Various multinational companies reach out globally and spread their technological innovation with the help of translation services. They share reports, seminars, events, marketing slogans, etc., with their target audience.

Video Streaming and Podcasts
Video streaming and downloads account for more than 80% of the global internet traffic. Millions of videos are uploaded worldwide every day. These videos demand translation and localization, including video subtitling and dubbing. This makes translation services a highly expanding market over the internet.

E-learning has been a crucial and significantly growing field. According to the Forbes estimate, this sector will be worth $355 million by 2025. Many firms and agencies convert English content and tools into different languages as per the demand, which causes the language translation and localization market to boom.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence
Many tech soothsayers have predicted the rise of AI and the end of human translation. There has been a significant evolution of machine translation tools. However, they are still far from perfect. Many tools like Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) keep a translator in the loop to check the machine’s translation. A person leads the translation process making it simpler and faster. In the coming years, the rise of AI translation is a significant trend to watch.

Need for Localization
Year by year, e-commerce has boomed significantly. Online shopping has become very popular, causing a surge in internet usage. Many more businesses are focusing their attention on building e-commerce websites and applications. To help companies succeed online, they need website localization as their digital marketing strategy. This will help them to communicate with people all around the world effectively.

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