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Accurate and timely medical translation is an integral part of any healthcare organization.

Medical translation is a specialized field. This is one of the most challenging types of translation services, Medical translation is the practice of translating various documents—training materials, medical bulletins, drug data sheets, etc.—for health care, medical devices, marketing, or for clinical, regulatory, and technical documentation.


Medical documents translation is a must for medical professionals to provide the necessary care and treatment to patients who speak another language. Healthcare professionals need to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with their patients no matter what language they speak.

Our every medical translator is highly qualified, holds advanced levels of education, is professionally trained, and provides an expert translation.


Delsh medical translators allow you to improve the quality of patient care and optimize health outcomes. We help ensure the following:

  • Equal access to written information for a diverse range of patients
  • Compliance with government regulations and Joint Commission standards
  • Risk reduction of incorrect prescription usage or care plans
  • Cost management through group pricing and volume discounts
  • Accountability via customized reporting
  • Increased quality of medical care and trust in your institution


Delsh Business Consultancy offers translation of medical texts in all the main medical spheres:

  • Medical documents (references, epicrises, excerpts from medical history, surgery reports, conclusions of experts, results of analyses),
  • Documentation on clinical trials of pharmaceuticals,
  • Pharmaceutical documents (certificates for pharmaceuticals, information for doctors and patients, pharmaceutical leaflets),
  • Documentation for equipment and tools (operating instructions, descriptions, advertising materials, catalogs, presentations),
  • Research papers (conference materials, reviews, theses, training manuals for doctors and medical students),
  • Abstracts and presentations,
  • Scientific and popular literature on medicine,
  • Websites on medicine, pharmacology, clinical trials, medical equipment and tools
  • Manuals.

Medical InterpretingServices

Medical interpreters facilitate communication between patients and health care providers who speak different languages, for these reasons, certified medical interpreters are always preferable to an untrained person who happens to speak the needed language.


A professional medical interpreter improves understanding and compliance at each step the patient takes through their healthcare journey reducing the risk of misunderstandings and misdiagnoses, which could result in repeat visits, longer hospital stays, and increased expenses. And Over the phone interpreting, otherwise known as telephonic interpreting or OPI for short, is essentially a 3-way conference call with the interpreter, you, and the party you’re calling or the party who is calling you.


The difference between interpreting and translation is only the difference in the medium the interpreter translates orally, while a translator interprets written text. Both interpreting and translation presuppose a certain love of language and deep knowledge of more than one language.

Medical translations and interpretations for German, English, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Dutch and many more languages.


We offer medical translation and interpretation in German, English, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Dutch and many more languages. For more information like the duration and the costs, please feel free to fill the contact form.

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