Interpretation Services in Delhi

Interpretation commonly used in one-on-one or small group settings, our consecutive interpreters maintains strict standards of professionalism and possess exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills to help facilitate interactions between two (and sometimes more) languages.
Delsh Business Consultancy can guarantee you most affordable Chinese interpreter service at any time. All our Chinese interpreters have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and hold at least a Graduate degree in Chinese language, ensuring best service. We provide Chinese interpreters for all types of projects- business meetings, exhibitions, machine installations, market surveys, conferences & seminars, etc.

Chinese Interpreter for Machine Installation
Interpreters across India for machine installation, commissioning and machine training sessions. China is the world’s top machinery producer and as a result, more and more South African companies are buying machines and equipment’s from China. However, there are major challenges as far as commissioning, training, and maintenance are concerned, as most technicians sent out by Chinese machinery suppliers are unable to communicate in English.

Chinese Interpreter for Business Meeting

Business Interpreting for English to Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Chinese to English as well as multiple other languages is easy with Delsh. Delsh Business Consultancy provides Chinese business meeting interpreting for business meetings , conferences, seminars, congresses, negotiations and discussions in locations across India and worldwide.

Our Chinese business meeting interpreters cover the following sectors:
• Automotive Industry Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Banking Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Corporate Finance Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Oil and Gas Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Engineering Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Energy & Environment Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Sciences Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Manufacturing Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Medical Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Retail and Consumer Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Pharmaceutical Chinese business meeting interpreters
• Technology Chinese business meeting interpreters

Chinese Interpreter for Exhibition
Professional interpreters for exhibitions and expos to translate English to Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Chinese to English and multiple other languages. We cover Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and other Chinese dialects including Chinese Hainese, Haka, Hmong, Hokkian or Khek. Our Chinese translation services cover both traditional and simplified Chinese.
• Automotive Industry Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Banking Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Corporate Finance Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Oil and Gas Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Engineering Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Energy & Environment Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Sciences Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Manufacturing Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Medical Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Retail and Consumer Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Pharmaceutical Chinese exhibition interpreters
• Technology Chinese exhibition interpreters

Chinese Interpreters for Medical Transcription
Medical transcription experts from Delsh Busines Consultancy are proficient in all kinds of Medical interpretation and translations. Our company provides quality medical transcription services in Chinese and all other major languages. From medical hearings to medical conferences, we can get you any medical transcription you need done fast and accurately.

Chinese Legal Interpreter for Court
Legal interpreting services require complete accuracy and perfect communication – often under pressure, and at speed. Certified court interpreters can be vital in determining the success or failure of any case, whether in India or abroad.
Some of the areas of law we’ve previously worked in include:
• Commercial law
• Criminal law
• Family law
• Employment and labour law
• Immigration law
• Intellectual Property law
• Tax law
Certified Legal Transcription Services
• Court appearances
• Court reporting services
• Prison visits
• Witness interviews
• Marketing localization for international law firms

Your language specialist will treat all communications between you and all other parties in strict confidence and will be glad to sign a non-disclosure agreement before participating in your matter.
Call us now for all legal requirements or fill the free interpreter booking form for an instant no-obligation free Chinese interpretation quote.

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