Gain Trust of your Chinese Customers and Business Partners

If you need help with your Chinese document translation service of business, marketing, and advertising contents then Delsh Business Consultancy is one stop solution for your requirements when it comes to China. Our team comprised of competent and highly skilled industry-specific Translators who not only understand the language but also the culture and deliver document translations from English into Chinese or Chinese to English documents Translation and guarantees 100 % fluency and accuracy on written texts, whether in Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese or any other local dialect like Shanghainese which is spoken in Tier 1,international city of China which is also Business Capital of the country .
Your professionally translated documents are very important when you are looking for clients and partners in China. A good translation requires high-level writing and translating skills to communicate with clarity and brevity. We can help you to achieve your goals and get your business deal done with ease.

Our Specialization in Translation includes:

• Business Plans
• Executive Summary
• Company Profile
• Entrepreneur Biography & CV
• Product Introduction
• Service Introduction
• Newsletters
• Advertisements and Slogans
• White Paper
• Datasheet
• Products Catalog
• Service Catalogs
• Corporate Brochures
• Corporate Weblog for Social Media Network in China
• Corporate Training Materials
• Help Manuals and Supportive Documents

Chinese Interpretation Services

Experience hassle-free meetings with your Chinese counterparts

1. Our Interpreter can pick your Guest from the airport; escort them to the hotel, exhibition, and manufacturing plant or meeting room.
2. Our Interpreter acts a bridge between you and your Chinese partners; they are capable enough to brief you about the culture and etiquettes when meeting the local Chinese partners so that you have edge over your business competitors.
3. Our Interpreter understands and conveys your ideas in Chinese so that you can communicate easily with your Chinese partner.
4. Our Interpreter can also serve as a tour guide for sightseeing.

We provide 3 Types of Chinese Interpretation Services

• Simultaneous interpretation – Wherein Chinese Interpretation is done at the same time when the speaker talks. It is used for large meetings, formal setting.
• Consecutive interpretation – Wherein Chinese interpretation is done right after the completion of speech. It is used for smaller meetings, formal setting.
• Exhibition interpretation – Wherein our Interpreter works more like a salesperson, translates, promotes, and showcases your products and services to your prospects. It is used for events, exhibitions, trade shows, formal to less formal settings.

Our Specialization in Interpretation includes:

• Conferences
• Events
• Business Meetings
• Interviews
• Exhibitions
• Trade Shows
• Teleconference
• Phone Call of VOIP Call
• Guided Tour

Our presence in India and China makes us your best Language Partner when it comes to Chinese Translation and Interpretation Services in India or in China.

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