Do you Trust on Google Translate for your Business Grow?

Google Translation or Machine translation can never be trusted for delivering proper translation from any language to any Language.

As your business expands and looks to international customers to boost revenues, the need to have translated websites that they can understand increases. Sharing information about your company’s products and services online is the fastest and easiest way to garner global customers. But, have you considered how you will have your website translated into the myriad of languages that you need to attract international buyers?

When you consider the importance of your company website with these customers, it becomes key that you make it as professional and readable as possible.

More and additional customers placed everywhere the planet are turning to the web for info concerning the merchandise and services that they shall purchase. Having an internet site that caters to them can solely increase your possibilities of capturing their business and growing yours.

Every effort to automate translation is good as it will lead to global communication that costs next to nothing and does not much time to process. At best it could be used as a reference material for self-reading and not for publishing.


Know How Machine Translation can be misused?

We can take advantage of speed:  The speed is so good that one is tempted to use this as a shortcut method to translate a large file and pass it on a professional translation. The machine-translated file can be rectified for errors and edited by a professional translator at a much lesser time than the normal time it takes for translation of the entire document.

No doubt, Machine translation tool can process a large number of texts and documents at the click of a button. All you have to do is to open the translation tool, select and paste the document which is the source document in the source language text area and select whichever language you want to get the document translated. A client will be impressed that the job is done on time.

Our actual experience has actually proved that it takes more time to edit a machine translation than to do the translation of source document.


Take advantage Low Cost:

In Machine cost of translation is nothing compared professional translation. it is okay to do. But the result of a poorly translated file can be negative. The reader will be confused about the message and it just won’t speak the language of the target audience. Machine translation does not know the emotions and culture and the stylistic differences,. Choice of words can be so wrong that it will affect the reader sensibilities.


What is missing in Machine Translation?

  1. Quality
  2. Cultural orientation
  3. Creativity

Delsh Business Consultancy is one of India’s trusted translation service provider in Delhi using professional translation services for the last 15 years and have served many companies big and small for all their translation requirement.

Working with a professional linguist is the best way to translate a website so it is error-free and shows your customers that you care enough about them and your business to provide them information that they can understand. When you are in need of translation services for your website, think twice about using a free service like Google Translate as a professional linguist can offer you better results that will help you hit the mark with your international customer base.

Another benefit of using a professional linguist is the ability to have them adjust content or make changes when you feel they are not hitting the mark with your customer.



If speed and cost are the only criteria and quality is of no consequence, try machine translation.

If quality is important, go for any professional translation service providers.

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