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In today’s scenario where products are exported and imported over the globe, translation is necessary for the spread of information, knowledge, and ideas. It is necessary for effective and empathetic communication between different cultures. China is the hub of economic and commercial activity in the world, leading in both areas and many more. We at Delsh Business Consultancy provide expert Chinese Translation Services in Delhi.
Delsh Business Consultancy (DBC) also provides a one-stop solution for overseas Companies or businesses to comfortably and adequately find partners connect and do business in India and China. Our global network of experienced translators provides Chinese language services to clients around the world.
To execute successful and accurate Chinese translation company in Delhi, we at Delsh possess the following skills:
Advanced Knowledge – Translators at Delsh understand the language or text fully including all the subtle nuances implied in the language, without any risk of misinterpreting it and committed for delivering a translation with complete accuracy. Our translators are excellent writers with extensive knowledge of grammar and different writing styles.

Editing & Proofreading Skills – Revised content or editing is the phase which is followed by our translators. Our Team checks the target-language content against the original, and ensures that the message from the source text delivers the intended idea accurately. After this bilingual check, they make sure that the paragraphs read smoothly and are clear. Proofreading works only with the target text, checking that the translation does not have any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

Technical Knowledge – Ensuring the style is appropriate for a Chinese audience; currency, and date formats adapting information for local regulations and adhering to industry standards in Chinese-speaking countries. Our translators have a deep understanding of both source and target cultures.

Management Skills – At Delsh, we are keen committed to the management skills to be able to deliver your translations in time. During the projects, we aim to always produce high-quality work and professionally present ourselves.

Chinese to English or English to Chinese, at Delsh we provide bilingual translation services of all types of documents including Technical, Marketing, Medical, Legal, Employee Handbooks, Finance, personal, manuals, user interface, and many more.

Points to remember while translating into Chinese language:
When translating into Chinese, the translator needs to confirm whether the translated text should be in Traditional or Simplified Chinese. There are two main types of written Chinese: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese characters are currently used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Traditional Chinese is also used in Overseas Chinese communities outside of Southeast Asia. In contrast, Simplified Chinese characters are used in mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia.
When translating text from English to Traditional or Simplified Chinese, the amount of Chinese text may be less than that of the original English. Although this change typically results in less text, it can vary based on the subject and is less predictable than some western languages. Similarly, when a translator translates text from Traditional or Simplified Chinese into English, there is typically more English text than the source text.
Dialects of the Chinese language:
Mandarin and Cantonese are commonly spoken dialects of Chinese. Mandarin is spoken across mainland China and in Taiwan. Cantonese is centered on Hong Kong and the Southeastern Chinese province of Guangdong. Many established Chinatown communities in North American and Europe speak Cantonese.

Delsh Business Consultancy Expertise in Chinese Translations:
Considering the complexity of the language, we at Delsh providing customized Chinese translation services by the recruited professionals from all parts of the globe, our language experts are those who have native fluency in many varieties of the Chinese language.

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