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Population of China reaching the iconic mark of 1.5 billion, you would surely be interested in spreading your business to engage the huge Chinese market. Employing the traditional Chinese translation service is definitely the need of the hour. Delsh Business Consultancy understands the nuances of all kinds of translations from English to Chinese and Chinese to English and also makes complicated Chinese translation projects seem easy and simple.

Why Only Delsh for Chinese Translation Services

Delsh helps you communicate efficiently with the market and clients in worldwide. Delsh help your business roll in the right direction by handling all your subtitling, captioning and translation needs. Our translators have not only language expertise of a particular language pair involved in the translation process, but also a lot of business acumen to churn out focused content that serves all kinds of business needs, including legal translation, technical translation and medical translation. We offer you high-quality Chinese translation services that are affordable and is also delivered within the stipulated time frame prescribed by you. From in-person interpretation services, to professional voice-overs, to complete localization services, Delsh’s international team works proactively delving deep into your business needs and stands by you.

Delsh has carved out a niche in the English to Chinese translation services in India. Delsh Business Consultancy have highly experienced Chinese Interpreters/Translators who have acquired higher degrees and done researches in the domain of Chinese to English and English to Chinese interpretation and translation works. Our team of Chinese Interpreters serves well for events such as conferences and confidential meetings. We have expertise in Chinese interpretation for government agencies as well as for private agencies right from small businesses, start-ups to giant corporate.

We oblige an immense assortment of English to Chinese interpretation archive, for example, commercials, understandings, marriage, birth and demise testaments, asset reports, news stories, pamphlets, accounts, receipt, talk with letters and then some.

  • In the specialized space, we take into account English to Chinese interpretation of item manuals, public statements, working directions, item highlights and use rules, licenses, well being records, direct mail advertisement and item indexes.
  • Any sort of sound account can without much of a stretch be made an interpretation of from English to Chinese in minutes. We have specialists from different spaces to take into account all fragments and enterprises.
  • We have skill in specialized interpretation, interpretation of medication and heath care related reports, investigate material, affirmed and authorized interpretation, interpretation of archives identified with accounts, banking and assembling, lawful interpretation, and media related substance interpretation and corporate preparing material.
  • Translations are directed by local speakers to guarantee quality and keep up relevant criticalness and consistency.
  • The English to Chinese interpretation process intently pursues all out quality administration process.
  • We offer the post interpretation backing and take up dire interpretations on need premise with no additional expense.

With 100% satisfaction guaranteed we offer translation services for different languages. For free quote write us about the languages and describe your task and needs at

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