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The popularity of the Chinese language is increasing all over the world as globalization and technological advancements continue making this globe appear to be a smaller place. China has many languages, the most renowned being Mandarin (China’s national language) and Cantonese (speaking in Southeast China). There are a lot of dialects and minority languages in China. Mandarin (standard Chinese) is the world’s most widely used mother tongue with over 800 million native speakers. The two world languages, with more than a billion users, are English and Mandarin.

We, at, Delsh Business Consultancy (DBC) offer a broad range of translation services from Chinese to English, and English to Chinese worldwide. Our professional translator team speaks all the common Chinese (Mandarin) dialects and understands them. At Delsh, we provide quality Chinese translation services for all your business activities.

China covers a very large area of land. More than 70 million people are living in China belonging to 55 different national minorities. Each minority has its spoken language. Many of the minority groups do not have a distinct written form for their languages. As one of the six official languages used by the United Nations (UN), China has now gained more status in the world. The spoken Chinese language is made up of many regional variations called dialects. The distinctions in dialect are due to the variation in pronunciation and vocabulary. There are also several other major dialects used in China: Yue (Cantonese), Xiang (Hunanese), Min dialect, Gan dialect, Wu dialect, and Kejia or Hakka dialect.

As China’s international presence continues to grow, now it is a better time to place your business on the Chinese market. At Delsh, we serve our esteemed clients with all kinds of Chinese translation services related to the translation of documents, web content, or if required, additional support in translating promotional content appropriately. Our Chinese-language translation team ensures that all aspects of your business include high-quality English to Chinese and Chinese to English translations . We aim to make our translation services an effective means of communication, as they are the most important factor in the successful conduct of business activities.

The process of simplifying the Chinese language has benefited several generations of young Chinese people who have learned it, and there seems to be a trend towards the use of more traditional forms of characters in some parts of mainland China. An increase in patriotic identity and a desire to promote a more traditional form of language may be a reason for this. Primarily Cantonese-speaking population of Hong Kong has a high degree of Mandarin fluency. We at Delsh, thrive to achieve the distinctiveness and ethnicity of Chinese cultural groups and try to foster a sense of inter-relationship between your business and socio-cultural solidarity through our Chinese translation services.

China is an incredible country with a heritage of historical influences. It’s the only country with a constant civilization. Its counterparts in other civilizations have ceased, changed, or perished. But China has persisted and remained unbroken. China has been able to regenerate and build on itself over several millennia. At Delsh Business Consultancy, we build relationships that make a positive difference in our client’s business together and deliver premium quality Chinese Translation Services. We maintain the highest standards of integrity in all our services and operate worldwide in order to meet our client’s needs. We assure you to fulfill our commitments personally and accurately.

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