Our Story

“Thirty-three percent of the world is either Indian or Chinese, and yet we know so little about each other” -PM India Mr. Narendra Modi.

DelSh started with the aim of bridging the cultural gap between the two countries encountered by learners, professionals, government as well as corporate institutions while conducting their respective activities.

India and China are world’s two biggest economies, DelSh aims to integrate the culture of two countries in a positive way and believes that if they work together can do wonders and can contribute more effectively to the world. As renowned Indian academician, Prof. Madhav Das Nalapat once said: “A divided China-India equation makes the whole of Asia weak. A united India-China equation makes the entire continent strong”. Also, President of China Mr. Xi Jinping on his visit to Delhi in 2014 said: “We can bring prosperity to Asia, and we can create opportunities for the world”.

The idea of establishing DelSh was born when the founders decided to get married and settle down in New Delhi, India where Groom is based. Bride’s family from Shanghai, China when they came to India faced cultural shock mainly because of the language barrier. Despite hiring translators and interpreters in India for the process of marriage registration and ceremonies, language remained a big problem because of the lack of quality translation and interpretation. To overcome the difficulties faced by the founders they realized that there is a need for Strong, Efficient and Quality intermediator. In order to integrate distinct cultures of India and China, they perceived that understanding of cultures is indispensable.

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