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How the Incredible Diversity of Chinese Leads to Incredible Difficulty for Some

When you’re looking for Chinese to English translation services, it is important to know exactly what kind of Chinese you’re looking at. Something that many people from outside of China and the surrounding areas do not know is that there are over two-hundred different dialects of the Chinese language. Mandarin and Cantonese are certainly the most popular and well-known, even being considered independent languages in some places. However, they are technically among the many hundreds of individual dialects that make Chinese an extremely diverse language.

Not as Easy as A, B, C, Either

The incredible diversity of China and its many language variations make it one of the more difficult regions for some business and academic professionals to create contacts within. While China enjoys tourism from all over the world, the language barrier remains strong, even for enthusiastic visitors. This is due in part to the fact that many languages – English, Russian, Arabic and more – use different characters and writing techniques than Chinese, adding another layer of difficulty in learning the language. The resulting frustration often leads students to give up learning altogether, and professionals from reaching out to others within these regions.

At DelSh, We Get It

Here at DelSh, we employ professionals from all parts of the globe, including those who have native fluency in many varieties of Chinese. Our linguists understand the importance of dialect variation and the effects of cultural nuance on accurate translation. Because of our thorough knowledge and in-house diversity, you can count on DelSh to offer the best and most detailed translation service from Chinese to English – or for that matter from English to Chinese, and many other languages – available in the industry.

When you’re seeking interpreting or translation services, paying special attention to difference in dialect is imperative. A misstep here can mean a mis-translation, a cultural offense and a lost deal or contact. Don’t trust your business to anyone other than the industry leaders in in-house diversity. Contact the expert linguists at DelSH today to see how we can help you make the best possible move with Chinese-speaking clients and contacts.

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