Call Center Support

If your customer base is China or any other mandarin speaking country, DelSh can help you to deliver the most responsive and attentive service to your customers as:

Your Agent: DelSh allows you to accomplish a wide variety of customer service tasks without hiring additional talents. DelSh can:

  •  Act as first-level phone support
  •  Assist with customer support, Q&A, order taking, promotional campaigns, and other activities
  •  Answer and / or initiate calls in Mandarin or Shanghainese.
  •  Work directly into your CRM or database applications
  •  Serve as failover resources in conjunction with your existing pool of agents

Over the phone Interpretation : DelSh provides over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services in Mandarin and Shanghainese, allowing you to overcome the language barrier in Chinese markets.
Outbound Calling : When customer outreach strategies include making outbound marketing calls, conducting market research, administering satisfaction surveys, or other business-critical phone-based tasks, DelSh can help you to reach Chinese-speaking customers without hiring additional staff.

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